Innovation understudies look for test expense rollback

Cochin University of Science and Technology to commend ex-VC’s 80th b’day today

The teacher, in any case, doesn’t see online gatherings and gatherings as a successful method of passing on considerations.

KOCHI: Babu Joseph, previous bad habit chancellor of Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat), will commend his 80th birthday celebration on Monday somewhat better. This time, he will be welcomed by his companions, previous partners, understudies and notable scholastics from colleges the nation over by means of videoconferencing. A book named ‘Fests c h r I f t ‘ , which involves research articles of his understudies and partners, will likewise be discharged during the festival.

“During my vocation, I had the option to show splendid understudies, some of whom have arrived at incredible statures in the field of scholastics,” said Babu Joseph, who has two bad habit chancellors of the college — Dr K N Madhusoodanan (present VC) and Dr Ramachandran — among his understudies. Babu was a piece of the college since its introduction to the world in 1997 and proceeded till 2001. The teacher, be that as it may, doesn’t see online gatherings and gatherings as a successful method of passing on considerations. The gathering has been planned for 11am and the book will be discharged by Ajit Kombhavi, executive, Inter-University Center for Astronomy in Pune.

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Request on the ground that the specialists have rejected the tests this year; MAKAUT structures board to think about the intrigue

Authorities said around 70 percent of the last semester understudies have paid Rs 1,200 each as assessment charge.

Last semester understudies of the state innovation college have claimed for a rollback of the assessment expenses on the ground that the specialists have rejected the tests this year in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, authorities of the college said.

The Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), to which all private designing and the board schools are associated, has framed an advisory group to think about the intrigue.

Authorities said around 70 percent of the last semester understudies have paid Rs 1,200 each as assessment charge.

This year the college will survey its 40,000-odd graduating understudies based on inside appraisal, task assessment and participation, with regards to an administration warning gave as a major aspect of “elective assessment plot due to COVID-19 pandemic circumstance”.

An authority said numerous understudies had together kept in touch with the college, looking for a waiver of the test expense. They have likewise passed on their solicitation to the advanced education office.

A fourth-year understudy of structural designing said the college had on June 30 reported that the understudies would be surveyed dependent on ceaseless appraisal (inward appraisal) and task based assessment following the administration’s warning.

“All things considered, the college must discount the assessment expense. Our families are confronting difficulties as a result of Covid-19 and sparing each penny matters presently,” said the understudy.

An understudy of data innovation asked: “For what reason should the college charge us for an activity it would not embrace?”

A notification gave by MAUKAT enlistment center Partha Pratim Lahiri on Saturday says: “College is in receipt of a couple of solicitations on moving back of the assessment expense. The assessment charge being gathered by and by is for taking up the progressing semester assessment process, distribution of results and issue of testaments… . The skillful authority has named a council to investigate the issue in most ideal manners.”

A MAUKAT official said gathering characteristics of the inward semesters and the locally situated appraisals would include a specific expense. “We need to carefully filter the contents of the locally situated assignments and afterward send them to the analysts. They will put the imprints and send them to the controller of assessments on the web,” he said.

“Expecting that the understudies would compose the test on the web, we had purchased top of the line oftware and supplied extra servers, bringing about gigantic costs.”

The clatter for not paying the charges the gatekeepers feel unimportant in the current circumstance is originating from watchmen of understudies of tuition based schools too. A few gatekeepers had kept in touch with boss pastor Mamata Banerjee a month ago that the schools are charging them for administrations like PC preparing, library even as the understudies are not benefiting of the offices during the coronavirus implemented conclusion.

“Till the warning came, we were sure that the tests would need to be held on the web,” he said.

Alluding to the push to hold the test online enlistment center Lahiri has expressed: “Here it might be brought to see that for taking up the assessment procedure numerous moves were so far made like acceptance of numerous new strategies: disconnected to CBT (PC based test), CBT to on the web”.


Important things that dads should know in fatherhood

A few years ago, at the same time as my spouse’s infant bump was given bigger. And my daddy studying list grew longer. I felt very constructive that this parenthood aspect might. By some means, all of a sudden click on someday. The child might come, instincts might kick in, and the transition from hooked up a couple to a new own family would be tiring but not baffling. The boy changed into I wrong.

This isn’t a try at what such a lot of mother and father seem to experience. Scaring the heck out of parents-to-be with an eye-rolling blend of death. This fatherhood element is not going to rob you of all freedoms, friendships and a laugh. But there are honestly a few things that, on reflection. I want I had a heads up about beforehand. Like those six things.

1. Above all else: TAKE PATERNITY LEAVE.
First and major: if at all possible, take greater than only some days off while your baby arrives. I’ve written formerly about my regrets over going lower back to work too soon after my son’s birth. I implore you no longer to make the same mistake I did. Take as a whole lot of time as feasible.

If your company has a paternity leave policy, take the time. If your corporation would not have a depart policy, make the time. Push the envelope it’s worth it.

You’re best a brand new dad as soon as. Your circle of relatives needs you extra than your boss does right now. Just as importantly, you want them. Invest time in bonding with the child. And setting up a co-parenting dynamic that lays the basis for child-rearing equality.

Emails can wait. hug your new position as a dad can not. Take the time, even supposing it approach burning and/or ill days.

2. Put your visions of parenting grandeur at the shelf.
Specifically, right subsequent to the diapers, powders, ointments and breast pump.

When my wife changed into six months pregnant, I could not wait to play capture with my son within the yard. Six months later, I could not look forward to him to prevent crying so I should get some sleep.

My point: this is a marathon, no longer a sprint. The Hollywood moments of fatherhood. Ball games, motorbike rides, BBQs are years away, and real existence doesn’t have montages. But do not let your yearning for more pleasurable- parenting The teaching moments that guide them through into maturity. Divert you from the challenge at hand. Newborn nurturing may be less superb but it’s miles equally vital, and profitable in its very own proper.

Stay in the now at the same time as luckily looking forward to greater parenting periods. It seems my son had to move slowly earlier than he may want to stroll, and stroll earlier than he should play catch.

3. Listen, study and go away ego out of it.
All joys of recent fatherhood aside. That is the finest possibility you’ve got ever needed to broaden a precious new skill. Childcare. And you get to do it in the provider of people you adore. Welcome to Baby U. Your include your loved one wife, mother and father and in-laws.

The large majority of early parenting is logistics. Mastering a way to arrange a diaper for maximum dryness is a long way more crucial than growing larger-photo parenting perspectives. Little human beings want little things study them with humility.

Your reward apart from the satisfaction of dad responsibilities properly achieved. could be comforting, perception into how this complete baby aspect works. You may not be intimidated when a person’s watching you swaddle your baby. You may not be confused with the help of how an automobile seat straps in or a stroller unfolds. It’s not magic it simply takes willingness and exercise.

4. Your spouse is greater important than you proper now.
This isn’t always a few hackneyed “happy wife, happy lifestyles” nonsense. Your marriage of identical halves has one associate who, for biological motives. wishes her partner to be in particular helpful and supportive right now. And by way of “proper now,” I suggest the primary six months of parenthood, at the least.

Your spouse is sore, in all likelihood feeling much less-than-appealing and doubtlessly experiencing a few stages. And since you can’t breastfeed, she’s taking the lion’s proportion of the in a single day shift. So upload exhausted to the list, too. Your job, then, is basically “the whole lot else.”

Coddle. Clean. Cook. Run, walk the dog and stand protect towards unwanted traffic. All woke-ness apart, early parenting roles revert to tradition out of necessity. she has to care for the baby right now, and you need to take care of her. Do your duty and the dishes with honor and gratitude.

5. That stated, don’t bend to this point that you emerge as with work.
Let’s have a frank dialogue self-recognize and marital balance. Because each may be examined in early parenthood for both companions. Though new moms deserve hundreds of way. There are limits to how a whole lot you ought to be. Her needs and specifically the baby is proper now. But no longer to the point where you all admire and relevance.

Flip at the TV and you may see how dads are these days. From Modern Family to Family Guy, the “doofus dad” permeates society. Don’t allow it baby your family.

You can be third fiddle proper now but bear in mind. You’re inside the band. And as long as you’re absolutely trying. You deserve to appreciate. Now not due to the fact you are a guy, thoughts you, but due to the fact you are a properly-intending soul navigating new parenthood, too.

6. This is the handiest transient.
And by way of “this” I imply “all of this.” Newborns undergo phases and levels with head-spinning speed. As soon as you recognize one pattern, it regularly gets changed. Or redirected via some other. Sleeping habits, feeding. What does and would not soothe the baby after they cry all evolve remarkably rapidly.

So if you find your self in an especially rough segment, loosen up. It will pass. And if you discover your self spotting degrees handiest in their twilight. Earlier than their inevitable dissipation. Do not kick yourself. That occurs to every person father and mother alike, and mainly with firstborns.

And although, like me, you’re no longer liable to mentality. Do forestall to soak this in. You’ll most effectively be a brand new dad once. The pride, the ache, the easy joys are all part of it, and all lovely of their nascent reality.


What is exact meaning of fatherhood

I regularly gush about how exceptional fatherhood has been for me. Because being a dad is the great. Yes, getting married to the girl you like feels wonderful. And it turned into, virtually the best day of my existence. This is until I watched her deliver start to our daughter.

Awestruck is a pretty appropriate phrase to describe it. However, it nonetheless doesn’t do the massive occasion justice.

But permit’s be real, being a parent is difficult too. (Not that this is a surprise for absolutely everyone to pay attention.) Sometimes plainly plenty of the matters that make being a dad challenging you may do anything.

I suggest, no one can make child poop odor better. Or make waking up at all hours of the night any much less. But there are some aspects of being a dad that is challenging specifically due to the society we stay in. And those are the demanding situations that. As a society, we want to think about and accurately.

Historically, guys had been less concerned about child-rearing. However, I suppose at this factor, our era has determined that those gender roles don’t have any location in our lives. In our international. People must be free to do what they want with their existence, no matter gender.

It appears to me that attitudes around parenting are transferring now as work roles have shifted. And I am so glad about that. Look at Mark taking months paternity leave off for both of his kids. Or the parental go away policies of Netflix. where parents of each genders are encouraged to take as a good deal time as they need and no longer only for organic kids. But for adopted kids as well.

Men must shoulder more of the weight of child care than society expects them to. More and extra research are coming out displaying that children and dad and mom benefit from extra closely worried fathers. i.E. Whilst dads study to their children, they may see an improvement in their child’s behavior and in their parenting talents.

The point is maximum fathers, like me. Actually need to be more concerned and spend greater time with their kids.

That said, I don’t want a high-5 or a pat at the back when I’m doing my job being a father. When I am at the park with my daughter, I don’t need to listen, “You were given caught babysitting nowadays, huh?”

I am NOT babysitting. I am my daughter’s primary taker and it’s far known as parenting, thank you very a lot. When I make dinner for my daughter. I don’t want to be informed that I am an exquisite husband and father.

I do it all the time because it is one of the responsibilities I shoulder for our family. Nobody could say that my spouse is splendid if she chefs dinner. Because the expectation is that cooking for the circle of relatives is a “female’s works.” Which is sexist and unfair.

When I am running with my daughter, I don’t need you to congratulate me on being able to handle my kid and store at the identical time. It isn’t something uncommon. I do it each week. While I love compliments as lots as the following guy. Compliments grounded in irrelevant expectations are stressful and I don’t want them.

They become feeling like compliments due to the fact they make it look like I am doing better than this very low expectation they’ve set for me as a dad. Many comments I pay attention come to be being the equivalent to, “You’re no longer horrific at this parenting thing. For a dad, anyway.”

So I ask you, please help shift the expectations around fatherhood.
Before you say something to a dad out and about together with his youngsters. Ask yourself if you’ll say the identical thing to a mother. And then if you wouldn’t, simply don’t. It’s simple.

Shift your very own expectations to at least one wherein dads are alleged to take identical care of the youngsters. And it isn’t unusual for a dad to do extra than 1/2 of the child care. That’s simply fatherhood, and it’s far awesome.

Fathers don’t forget teaching values to our children one of the most imp things. Extra than money, and America expects us to teach values to our youngsters even greater than it expects us to be bringing in cash. We all realize that we are all on this collectively. Because whether men had these excellent dads growing up or no dads at all, anything it’s miles. You find that every one of them, and I talked to dads across each possible spectrum. They all recognize that we’re a part of a new technology in which we get to carve out a new that means for what it’s miles to be a father.

We get to be the ones to know that if you have children. Being a dedicated father is the manliest factor you’ll ever do. We get to construct relationships with our children that previous generations failed to always get to. We [fathers] are the recipients of many years of work through ladies, within the fight for equality.

So this is us. I think about it as being the “Free to Be You and Me” generation. The girls I knew growing up were each bit as clever, every bit as capable. Every bit as pushed, also went to tremendous colleges. Because I become a child, it never happened to me that they could have a more difficult time making it of their careers. Then, we got into the workplace. We got jobs, we had youngsters, and we located that the American center in no way to develop up. So at the same time as we have been developing up on “Free to Be You and Me”, the American place of work turned into caught within the “Mad Men” era.

We are the generation now that’s dealing with this project of having to overcome these backward regulations. That’s ours to cope with, and I can say, to have a daughter and two sons. I look at them and I know that if we don’t restoration this, they’ll not have the identical opportunities of their lives. It’s as much as us, our generation, men and women collectively. That’s what ‘all in’ approach. That’s what it’s about.

Motherly: In the book, you deal with the fact that as a society, we talk plenty about how gender norms and conventional roles affect girls. But often ignore how they impact men. So, you examine the effect of sexism on men and the pressures that they face. Can you describe that a bit for me?


How to take better care of yourself in this year

Last spring, my husband started out a brand new job that includes a heavy dose of the tour. And adjusting to a schedule with a lot of solo parenting stretches has taken its toll on me. In my scramble to make sure I’m no longer overlooking anything and am being all of the matters to all the people all of the time. It’s easy to permit my very own wishes to fall through the wayside. And whilst that takes place. I turn out to be burned out and aways and that is now not right for anyone.

The truth is, once I do not take care of myself, I can not contend with all people else.

To keep away from burning the candles at both ends. I got here up with 10 resolutions for this year which are me-targeted in an effort to serve as reminders to consist of myself on the listing of people, I’m being concerned for.

My goal is to make certain my tank is full so I’m prepared for whatever lifestyles (and motherhood) may additionally throw at me.

1. I am going to make time for myself.
And I’m now not going to extend for it. As mothers, it’s all too smooth to “have to” all over ourselves. I ought to be capable of preserve going. I should be extra intentional at some stage in playtime. I have to plan for extra activities. I shouldn’t pay a babysitter simply to go take a seat at Starbucks. The problem with all that should is that it leaves us feeling like Nicely, crap.

This 12 months, I’m giving myself permission to say my time. I understand that I want a few hours away each week to stay sane, and I’m no longer going to sense horrific about that.

2. I am going to be intentional with my time.
There’s one small factor I can do each morning that makes the distinction among starting up at the right foot. Or the incorrect one getting up earlier than my youngsters do.

One of my friend calls this waking up to your day. Instead of being woken up BY your day. I will set my alarm for at least 15 minutes before my kids’ normal awaken time.

That offers me time to brew a pot of caffeine and do a quick devotional or perhaps just watch the solar upward push. Waking as much as peace and quiet in place of cries of “Mom, Mama, Mommy, Maaaa-mmaaaaa!” will help ease me into my day.

3. I am going to take care of my frame.
I’m kicking this year off with the help of jogging a 15K and I’ve additionally committed to my first yoga in June. I’m not a runner (no longer within the slightest). I could be slow and the training won’t be clean. But breaking a sweat and getting my heart fee up a few instances per week are important to my state of mind.

In the famous words of Elle Woods, “Exercise offers you insulin. Insulin makes you glad. And satisfied human beings don’t kill their husbands.”

4. I am going to just accept assist.
I’m no longer very good at asking for help when I need it. I actually have a completely “I can do it myself” mentality (my three-yr-antique daughter shares this trait). However, it frequently leaves me feeling burned out and crushed.

In the name of taking better care of myself, while someone extends a dinner invitation on night three of solo parenting, I’m going to say yes.

5. I am going to attend to my thoughts.
I’m going to examine one book a month. I love to examine however, truth be advised. Have not achieved an awful lot of it on account that I became a mother. And I leave out it. It does not have to be intellectual literature, just an awesome tale I can lose myself in for a few hours.

6. I am going to be type to myself.
Scrolling through Instagram can make it actual easy to experience like I’m now not thin sufficient, stylish enough or sufficiently nicely-lit in my images. Pinterest can cause dissatisfaction with my small house and disorganized closets. Facebook can go away me yearning for greater vacations or a more a hit career.

Social media is exquisite for preserving connections. However, now not so super for encouraging pride and contentment. I’m going to be kinder to myself and greater appreciative of what I actually have by way of spending much less time on social media.

7. I am going to prioritize friendships.
In this season of promoting young youngsters, it’s been all too clean to forget about my friendships. “They’ll recognize,” I purpose. “They’re busy, too.” And they do, and they may be, but it’s so to renew to take some time to reconnect.

So every week, I’m going to reach out to a friend, whether or not via textual content, electronic mail, or over a cup of coffee. Just a quick take a look at-in, to see how things are and allow them to realize I’m considering them.

8. I am going to spend greater time being a gift.
I paintings component-time from domestic. It’s first-rate because there is no actual set agenda and I can get my paintings executed every time it works for me. Of direction, these also are the proper matters that make it difficult. If I’m now not cautious, I spend a lot of time on my computer or phone once I’m with my youngsters, because I suppose I can test simply one extra element off the to-do listing actual short.

This yr, I’m going to do a better activity of drawing traces round my time with the youngsters. The first hour after school and the hour earlier than bedtime will belong entirely to them, as mealtimes. Work can wait.

9. I am going to make space for my passions.
I love to jot down. It’s how I make feel of my feelings and the way I capture memories. But it would not pay the bills, fold the laundry, maintain the residence smooth or contend with the kids. Because of this it frequently finally ends up at the bottom of my precedence list. I recognize I can’t move it to the top of the list, however, I can carve out time each week only for writing. And I will.

10. I am going to give and receive grace.
Some days, my three-year-old is going to awaken in a horrific temper. My 7-yr-old is going to spill his milk everywhere in the kitchen floor (again). I’m going to pass my exercise.

Typically, these are things that could make me roll my eyes and my mood flash. But what if I met mistakes with grace as a substitute? “That’s k; permits wipe it up collectively.” “No hassle; I’ll just set my alarm early and exercise the following day as an alternative.” In my opinion, a sudden dose of grace by no means fails to make an impact.